Will Vet Tech Salaries Increase in 2012? Demand and Government Data

There is a variety of data that can be pulled to read salary information for the upcoming year. With this in mind, according to surveys, demand for veterinary technicians is expected to increase up to 36 percent up to the year 2018. This means that each year, the expected increase for the demand is between 3 to 4 percent. But will Vet Tech Salaries increase in 2012?

The reason for the increase in the demand of veterinary technicians is mostly because of the heightened campaign for animal welfare. Many families across the United States are now adopting more than one pet and the care exerted by the families over their pets are comparable to a family member.

Veterinary Technician with PuppyHowever, surveys show that there is still a big gap between the demand and the supply of veterinary technicians, especially in urban places, like New York, California and Massachusetts. The reason behind this gap is the fact that the demand for veterinary technicians only recently jumped in 2008. Prior to the said year, only a few people were considering a career as a vet tech as the salary was not economically competitive. Most of those who chose the veterinary path chose the same for their love of animals and not for the salary.

Today, the annual salary of veterinary technicians ranges from $19,000 to $45,000. Those who are not licensed usually receive the lowest payout and those who work in the Federal government receive the highest salary. But, compared to other healthcare jobs, the salary of a vet tech is still on the relatively low end.

But since there is an expected increase in the demand, will Vet Tech Salaries increase in 2012?

The answer to the said question is more in the negative. Vet tech salaries most likely will not increase in 2012, except for those who work in the federal government. The probable reason for the non-increase is an impending wage distortion with the wage of veterinarians.

Veterinarians are more superior in terms of role in animal healthcare than veterinary technicians. Thus, they should enjoy a much higher salary than vet techs or other healthcare personnel. The gap between their wages should also be substantial to retain the difference among them.

Salaries of veterinarians remained in the range of $30,000 to $120,000 annually since 2010. Therefore, the salary of veterinary technicians cannot increase more than 10% in 2012 because if it will increase, the gap of the salaries between the two careers will be narrowed. This may lead to a wage distortion.

Consequently, the an increase in the minimum salary of veterinary technicians and other animal healthcare personnel will likely not see a dramatic spike but rather the smooth increase by 3 or 4 percent mentioned initially. An increase in their salary would mean an increase in the bill charged for the pet owners. If this were to occur with too much pace, there would likely be a dramatic change in the amount of pet owners we see in the United States today.

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