What drives a Vet Tech?

Love or Money

Careers are chosen for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for the love of an activity, a passion for a particular job, or the drive to become wealthy, everyone pursues a different dream. Some people set out with a goal in mind to become an astronaut because they dream of floating through space, while an investment banker might only have the desire to own a massive house paired with luxury cars and numerous flat screen televisions. At the end of the day, each person fights the internal battle that we will all face. No matter what your drive is for pursuing your future employment, we all at some moment must ask ourselves the question: Does the end constitute the means? In other words, are you validated in the work that you perform each and every day with some sort of reward?

No one blindly takes a job without an understanding that they will be compensated. Whether it be monetary, tangible, emotional, or even religious, we all seek a return for our efforts we put into our jobs. Vet techs however are a bit different than the average worker in a sense that they start out knowing that their primary form of reward is going to be emotional and not tangible. There is a constant struggle to determine if the love of animals that we care for is worth the risks we take hour after hour, patient after patient. It’s no secret that we put in more than we’re rewarded especially in our early career. That’s not to say that a vet tech will never be monetarily compensated for their work, but for a career that requires a substantial set of technical skills the pay scale is quite meager.

There are ultimately two differing opinions to this debate. The first is that a vet tech must not think about the money. As a vet tech, you make the conscious decision to pursue this career so that you can fulfill your passion for helping animals. You know that you will never be paid what you are worth and you understand that it doesn’t matter what you’re paid, you would do this job under any circumstance.

The other ideology is that vet techs do receive substantial compensation and the job of a vet tech is not as difficult as people are making it out to be. Just like any other career, you will of course start out making less than what you deserve. And with time you can work your way into the pay rate equal to any other career. On top of that, you will always be pursuing your passion in life and nothing is worth more than that. Nothing is worth as much doing the type of work that you love.

No matter where you stand on the debate of love versus money for veterinary technicians, you should keep in mind that you don’t have to follow anyone else’s opinion or even subscribe to either of these notions. People pursue a career for a number of different reasons and as long as you are satisfied with your life at this moment in time, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be happy doing it.

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