Veterinary Technician Salary in California – A Guide

The growing pet care industry and the increasing awareness of people for responsible pet ownership has also helped develop interest in working in the animal care business. While working in a veterinary setting may seem low key, it would be worth to know that people who work as vet techs receive decent salaries for entry level positions. The annual vet tech salary range is about $29,000 to $34,000 based on the national average.


Vet Tech Salary in CADepending on the place of employment or type of work, the rates can be pretty variable. Vet techs work in a number of different places around the country. They can work in veterinary hospitals, research facilities, zoos, laboratories or animal shelters which provide health services to animals. Many vet techs find work in animal hospitals where they are much needed. These vet techs receive a steady salary of about $14-20 per hour. With some specialists, like emergency care or surgical techs, veterinary technician salary in California tends to be in the middle of or high up this range. Some vet techs may be lucky to find companies that will give them 401k plans, health benefits and profit sharing, which indicates a better income for very skilled and recognized employees.

Vet Tech Salaries in Various CA Cities

Across the United States, vet tech salaries also variable quite a bit. For example, veterinary technician salary levels in California may range from $30,000 up to $52,000. The salary may depend largely on the population of animals and pet culture in different cities within the state.

Salary levels vary in cities like San Francisco which can be much higher at $52,000, compared to Vallejo’s at $30,000. Some veterinary practices are also willing to pay a higher rate depending on how well the practice is doing. Vet techs can earn the highest salary in California in major cities like San Francisco ($52000), followed by Laguna Hills and Anaheim, ($39,000), Concord and Pleasanton ($38,000), and Long Beach and Los Angeles ($37,000).

Comparing the Salary Too Other States

Salary levels in California is still relatively higher than most states. Other states have a national average of about $31000. It should be noted that there is a rise in the number of establishments for veterinary practices in many states across the US presently.

If you are looking for job openings for vet techs, you may find a lot of new opportunities in rural areas, as well as popular cities across the US. Veterinary practices in Nevada may offer about $15-18 per hour. Some universities with veterinary schools are also looking for vet techs to operate laboratory animal research facilities and may offer about $16 per hour. Many pharmaceutical companies also have experimental animal facilities that hire vet techs. Veterinary practices in Texas may offer about $13-22 per hour.

The US Army Medical Command also has veterinary treatment facilities that require animal health technicians. The salary may be lower at $8-10 per hour. Many types of veterinary practices are opening up in Los Angeles. On many job postings, employers state that veterinary technician salary in California still depends on experience, which is indicated by the number of years one has been in practice.
Vet techs working in schools in California, on the other hand, may vary from $2,771.00-$3,261.00 per month, some at $12 per hour.

The Bottom-line

Needless to say, there is a high demand for veterinary technicians in the US. Usually, employers seek one or more years of experience in prospective employees; however, entry level positions are also available. Private practices often handle dogs and cats, but as there are a variety of workplaces for vet techs, knowledge and experience is required for handling experimental animals (mice, rats or primates) or livestock (horses, pigs). A love for animals coupled by hard work and patience will get any veterinary technician feeling successful and fulfilled no matter what.

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