Where Does Vet Tech Stress Come From?

Vet tech stress comes with the territory of being a vet tech. Veterinary technicians work hand in hand with veterinarians in animal clinics and hospitals. Both professionals take care of pets and other animals. Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians and perform other particular duties such as performing tests, administering medication, drawing blood, dental cleaning, and taking sonograms and x-rays.

Veterinary technicians also take care of the animals staying in the clinic or hospital by bathing and feeding them. They ask pet owners about the medical history of their pets and discuss feasible options for treatment. Two main advantages of being a veterinary technician are job security and availability. Nowadays, there is a high demand for veterinary technicians. Numerous animal clinics and hospitals are in search of veterinary technicians.

Every year, pet owners pay generous amounts of money for the health of their pets. Hence, they create more money-making opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Then again, even though there are so many perks of being a vet tech, stress cannot be avoided. Participation in preventive care which includes dental care, spaying, and neutering continues to increase yet the number of vet techs do not seem to match this demand.

As of the year 2005, less than three thousand vet techs were graduating per year. This is why they were not able to meet such demand. Despite the poor condition of the economy, employment for veterinary technicians remains stable. Layoffs are not likely, so there is a good chance that vet techs will earn lucratively. Anyway, since there are very few veterinary technicians around, stress increases. The handful of vet techs are obliged to fulfill the demands of clients.

The work of veterinary technicians involves encounters with emergency situations, distraught owners, and aggressive animals. Of course, no matter how hard the situation is, veterinary technicians have to remain professional. They should be efficient in fulfilling their duties even though they are tired and afraid. The stressful working condition of these veterinary technicians is the number one factor that contributes to veterinary technician stress.

Since emergencies cannot be predicted, these veterinary technicians need to be alert round the clock. They should be ready for any situation at all times. They should be able to respond to the veterinarians’ orders immediately. Veterinarians are also doctors who have to address to the needs of their patients; and they will have a hard time dealing with certain situations without the help of vet techs.

In addition, veterinary technicians need to take care of animals that have been abused and neglected. Because of this, most of them tend to get closer to the animals. When the time comes that euthanasia has to be done, they find it difficult and painful to perform it. Vet tech stress rises, and their emotions become ruptured. Nonetheless, they still have to remain calm and strengthen themselves. After all, animal deaths due to surgeries or accidents happen.

Furthermore, vet techs need to endure criticisms from their colleagues. This sort of thing happens in nearly every workplace, and animal clinics and hospitals are not an exemption. Whenever they receive such criticisms from veterinarians or other veterinary technicians, they should be able to handle them well. Likewise, they should be able to deal with the complaints and orders of pet owners properly. Falling apart and being inefficient are unacceptable. In fact, I wrote about 7 Veterinary Technician Stress relievers a few weeks ago. Follow these bits of information to relieve your stress before it becomes a problem.

Nevertheless, it is inevitable for vet techs to experience stress. Vet tech stress may be caused by hectic schedules, difficult clients and co-workers, busy environment, and emotional turbulence. However, even though situations can be tough, vet techs should still do their best to perform their duties. They should be responsible, patient, and professional at all times.

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