Top Industry Associations for Veterinary Technicians

For those interested in becoming a veterinary technician, it is important that you get to know the top industry associations and groups surrounding the field. You should also join and participate in their activities as well. They provide excellent opportunities to educate yourself about changes in the field and they also provide a platform ways to network with professionals and employers. The following are 5 organizations that any vet tech should be familiar with.

California Registered Association

Also known as CARVTA, it is one of the largest and most influential state chapters of the National Association of Technicians in America. They represent the position of licensed vet techs in the state of California. This organization is mostly concerned with providing relevant counsel, helping to spread the latest industry news and also to offer benefits and various perks to its members. By becoming a member you’ll have access to job listings, practice vet tech exams and job relevant training.

Florida Veterinary Technician Association

The Florida chapter of the NAVTA or National Association of Veterinary Technicians is known as the FVTA. It is also a very important chapter within the organization and provides its members with access to pertinent information about certifications, new procedures, the latest equipment and a variety of other related topics. One of the great aspects to both the CARVTA and FVTA are that you do not have to be a resident of the designated state to join and receive the benefits. If you are not yet a member we highly recommend joining.

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America

NAVTAThe NAVTA is perhaps the most prominent and powerful organization for vet techn in the industry. The organization has been bringing veterinary technicians together since 1981, with the goal of educating them about new technology and advancing their careers through new opportunities. They provide a platform for networking, training and a lot more. But above all, the NAVTA works to improve animal care throughout the United States. Members include both students and professionals within the industry.

The American Veterinary Medical Association

For over 150 years, the AVMA’s goal has always been to “improve animal and human health and advance the veterinary medical profession.” They constantly promote medicine’s relationship to biological science, public health, and agriculture as well. They are the champion of the art and science of veterinary medicine.

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

As a veterinary technician, it is not uncommon to have to manage the duties of the entire veterinarian’s office. They aid vet techs by providing them with resources to advance their careers, network with industry professionals, have access to the latest industry information and get the best education possible, so they can ultimately earn the highest veterinary technician salary possible. The VHMA is yet another organization that truly keeps the veterinary technician’s best interest at heart.

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