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American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Although the main focus of this website is to discuss how to become a vet tech and start earning a veterinary technician salary of about $35k per year, we also strive to teach you other steps to achieving success in

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One profession that is quickly becoming popular today is that of a veterinary technician. For those who are not acquainted to this career yet, a veterinary technician is an individual whose sole job is to assist and support a veterinarian

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How to Get Veterinary Technician Certification

A veterinary technician certification is a very important tool if you want to become a respected and trusted veterinary technician. With employment competition expected to increase in the coming years due to the growth in the demand for vet techs,

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Get the Highest Veterinary Technician Salary Possible

Because the job of a vet tech entails a lot of painstaking work that sometimes involves life and death situations for pets, it is no wonder that the average prevailing veterinary technician salary continues to increase. Vet tech salary differs

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Veterinary Technician Certification Study Plan

So you’ve made it through the veterinary technician classes and now you’re ready to take the exam for your certification. Before you even start looking at the vet tech salary make sure you’ve adequately prepared yourself and that you know

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