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Which States Have the Highest Vet Tech Salary?

The demand for a job as a veterinary technician in the United States has been rapidly increasing since 2008. Then, vet techs or veterinary technician were in demand in U.S. states that were common places for raising poultry and livestock.

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Where Does Vet Tech Stress Come From?

Vet tech stress comes with the territory of being a vet tech. Veterinary technicians work hand in hand with veterinarians in animal clinics and hospitals. Both professionals take care of pets and other animals. Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians and perform

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Jobs that Deal with Animals: What is it Like Working in an Animal Hospital?

You are probably wondering what is it like working in an animal hospital. Well, working in an animal hospital is almost similar to working in a regular hospital except that you take care of animals instead of people. Instead of

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Running a Veterinary Clinic of Compassion for Employees

Working in health care requires a person to practice compassion and empathy round the clock at a higher level than most people, because such a profession deals with sick patients as well as caring family members and friends. Doctors and

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American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Although the main focus of this website is to discuss how to become a vet tech and start earning a veterinary technician salary of about $35k per year, we also strive to teach you other steps to achieving success in

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