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Let’s take a moment to be honest and remind ourselves that we will not become millionaire working only as a veterinary technician. The work is humble and so is the pay rate. But if we keep that in mind and understand that working as a veterinary technician is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers you can have. When you combine your income with that of your spouse you can make quite a healthy income and live a very comfortable lifestyle for years to come.

What you have to understand is that earning your highest potential income comes with preparation and job knowledge way before you are ever hired. This means that by understanding what goes into a vet tech salary rate will help prepare you to earn the highest salary possible at your clinic. These requirements for better pay might seem obvious, and they are mentioned several times throughout this site, but experience and job abilities are you best tools for increasing your salary.

The more you show your previous skill set and the more knowledge you have about the field then the more your employer will be willing to offer you to work there. With this in mind we can still take a few facts in relation to what the average vet tech salary includes.

Veterinary Technician Salary DataYou can almost guarantee that your starting salary is going to be somewhere in the vicinity of $19k per year without any experience. Of course, the proper certification and licensing will allow you to move above this rate. Many companies offer their employees a schooling option in which they will pay your way through the certification program. If the company does not have to provide payment for this then they are likely to compensate you instead. Not only have you taken it upon yourself to pay for your own education, but you have been willing to complete the program on your own. Employers prefer individuals with this type of drive and willingness to succeed.

Vet techs who have experience or have interned with the company prior to being hired can expect a median income of $28k per year. This salary shows that the vet tech is worth more than a completely green employee and the salary level reflects it. Veterinary technicians are no different than any other field where experience is worth more than schooling or training. The more you know about your job the more value you provide as an employee.

As you move up in your career, you can expect to top out around $42k per year with several years of experience a job duties to your name. When you are able to run multiple tasks, handle just about everything that needs to be done by a vet tech and work without any supervision, then you should certainly be at this level of pay.

Each year the pay rate for a veterinary technician salary increases and the demand for skilled vet techs does as well. The more your position is in demand then the better pay employers are willing to provide. These rates should be accurate through 2012 and likely until 2014.

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