How Much Does A Veterinary Technician Make?

The growing industry in pet care and the increasing awareness of responsible pet ownership has corresponded to the developing interest in working in the animal care industry. While working in a veterinary setting may seem like a mellow job, it’s noteworthy that people who work as veterinary technicians receive decent, if not higher salaries than other entry level positions. For an entry level position, the annual veterinary technician salary is about $31,000 to $34,000 on average. Depending on your place of employment or type of work, vet tech salary can get as high as $40,000 annually if they are working on research facilities and laboratories handling experimental animals.

Despite the good salary outlook, depending on the state you reside in and the cost of living in that area, many vet techs claim to be living subpar. In spite of becoming experienced after years of hard work, many vet techs claim to receive only a steady salary of about US$ 14-20 per hour. In cities with higher costs of living, $14 an hour may not cut it, but it may provide you with decent living. With some specialists, the salary tends to be in the middle of or high up this range. Some vet techs may be lucky to find companies that will give them 401k plans, health benefits and profit sharing, which indicates a better income for very skilled and recognized employees. The argument remains that people who work in animal health care should do their job for the love of it, and not for the money. Some people give up their corporate jobs to pursue this fulfilling career.

There are several notable names that vet techs go by. There are registered veterinary technicians (RVTs), licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) and certified veterinary technicians (CVTs), however, this is not meant to confuse the public. The difference lies only in the geographic state in which the veterinary technician was credentialed. While they are preferred to be called “credentialed veterinary technicians”, their purpose on the job remains the same demanding one. With long hours in the clinic caring for different types of animals, it is an honestly dirty job which requires a lot of carrying and lifting, as it is a job of passion for treating animals.

This article will give you an idea of what the duties and responsibilities are in this career. You will be surprised that a vet tech carries a lot of work inside a veterinary hospital, including collecting blood, stool and other tissue samples. They also conduct a lot of clerical work, which means updating records and keeping them organized. It also includes monitoring patients when the vet is out and you’re on duty. Many veterinary technicians will say that it is a hard job wrestling with animals, and it’s not always going to be pretty; in addition, it could be a dead end job for some who have been on it for too long. Nevertheless, there are the passionate ones who share their invaluable experiences working with animals and always look at the personal satisfaction it provides them.

Also compared with the working hours in other jobs, being a veterinary technician is highly demanding. Some vet techs work for 10-14 hours a day on 40 hour work weeks (depending on how busy the veterinary practice is). While this is not always the case with other practices, you may want to consider these factors for your future. Some veterinary practices are willing to pay their vet tech’s salary at a higher rate, and, if you’re that good and efficient, you can also ask for a raise. Considering the demands of the job, the salary better be worth it!

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