Veterinary Technician Certification Study Plan

So you’ve made it through the veterinary technician classes and now you’re ready to take the exam for your certification. Before you even start looking at the vet tech salary make sure you’ve adequately prepared yourself and that you know what to expect from the exam, for this is truly the key to passing. It will be intimidating to most, but breaking the test prep up into a step by step process will certainly make your life easier. Now take these tips into consideration to help you in your preparation for the vet tech exam.

Understand the Veterinary Technician Certification Format

This is perhaps the most important thing to know starting out. There are 200 questions in the exam and it lasts approximately 4 hours.

Studying your notes from your veterinary technician course will be your best weapon to being prepared for the exam. There are also books that can help you with your exam preparation such as “One Thousand Questions for Technicians” by Chris Mosby.

Have a Study Plan

Develop a study plan for yourself. Create note packages and study guides that you can travel with and use while you are away from home. Schedule adequate times to study which you can have a quiet and secluded atmosphere.

Use lab settings to practice hands-on settings. There are various colleges throughout the country that allow hands-on training. Do a search in your local area to find one and get in touch with them. A simple phone call can usually have all your questions answered before you spend the time to travel to the location.

The questions are in multiple choice format which means they will likely present you with various options that can likely throw you off. Use practice exams to work through similar questions and place yourself in a simulation test environment by using a timer and holding yourself to the actual exam regulations. Evaluate your results and adjust your studying accordingly. Practice exams are going to give you the most accurate idea of what your final score will be in the actual veterinary technician exam.

Last but not least is organizing a study group. Having peers who are required to take the same exam will provide support for your own difficulties you may face. Help each other by asking difficult questions and sharing resources such as books and practice exams. Finally make sure you have a balance between rest and study, both of which are important to your success.

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